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$49/per month per month

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$49/per month per month + $29.95 (one time fee)

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$599 like new

What is baby doppler insurance?

Sweet Beats Premium Digital Fetal Doppler

The Sweet Beats Premium Digital Fetal Doppler comes standard with the most sensitive transducer (probe) available on today's market and it's waterproof (waterproof probe available upon request). Our Premium Fetal Doppler is used worldwide by more physicians and expecting parents than any other fetal doppler. This fetal doppler monitor uses cutting edge static reducing technology to enable you to begin listening and sharing the 'sweet beat' of your unborn baby's heartbeat as early as 8 weeks into pregnancy. The Sweet Beats Premium Fetal Doppler is equipped with a 2mghz probe which is integral for early fetal heart rate detection as well as overweight pregnancies.

With the Sweet Beats Premium Digital Fetal Doppler you can begin listening, recording, and emailing your pending bundle of joy's heartbeat as early as 8-12 weeks into pregnancy. With Sweet Beats Premium model fetal dopplers you can even download your baby's heartbeat to your computer and burn a keepsake CD that you and your family can treasure forever!

Sweet Beats has had such an overwhelming response for the Premium line of Fetal Doppler units from physicians and expecting parents that we've been able to extend previously unheard of prices for the rental and purchase of this, the most trusted fetal doppler in world.

In your package, you'll receive -

1 Sweet Beats Fetal Doppler, 3.5oz tube of ultrasound gel, recording cable, users manual, helpful tips, free return shipping label (within the continental US), and easy return info.

All Sweet Beats Baby Doppler Models -

-are medical grade, FDA approved baby dopplers
-use the most advanced ultrasound technology available
-are guaranteed to perform their function
-can be used to record your baby's heart beat
-allow you to experience the excitiment and joy which comes with
hearing your unborn baby's heart beat in the privacy of home.

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